Strut Backs

MDF strut backs with extended leg. Ideal for mouldings about 25mm/1” wide. Natural.

SHSTRB035x5 -3½”x5”/90x127mm
SHSTRB04x6 -4”x6”/102x127mm
SHSTRB05x7 -5”x7”/127x180mm
SHSTRB06x8 -6”x8”/152x205mm
SHSTRB07x9 -7”X9”/180x230mm
SHSTRB08x10 -8”x10”/204x254mm
SHSTRB10x12 -10”12”/254x305mm
SHSTRB11x14 -11”x14”/279x356mm
SHSTRB/A4 -A4/210x297mm


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